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Foot Pain Q & A

How do I know if my foot pain is serious?

Only a skilled podiatrist can say for sure. You should always treat foot pain as if it’s serious because even minor issues can turn serious without treatment. For example, if you have a mild ankle sprain but continue to use your ankle as normal and don’t get treatment, you may strain the ligaments even further, possibly causing severe damage.

If any kind of foot pain is making you hesitant to use your foot as normal, or is interfering with your regular routine, it’s time to get help.

There are many possible causes of foot pain, including:

  • Plantar warts: Pain on the bottom of your feet
  • Hammertoe: Pain in the affected toe when moving
  • Achilles tendon injuries: Pain at the back of the foot
  • Ingrown toenail: Pain in and around the affected toe
  • Bunions: Pain at the base of your big toe
  • Arthritis: Pain throughout your foot
  • Plantar fasciitis: Heel pain when standing or walking
  • Gout: Pain in the big toe joint
  • Diabetic nerve damage: Shooting and burning pain throughout the foot

There are also many other potential causes of foot pain. Only a highly trained podiatrist like those at Great Lakes Foot and Ankle Institute can properly diagnose and treat your foot pain. Most types of foot pain don’t go away unless you get treatment, so a quick response is crucial if you want to feel better as quickly as possible.

Foot pain treatment is completely individual, based on your problem and your symptoms. For conditions caused by inflammation, either oral or injected medication to reduce the inflammation can help. You may also need orthotics and custom exercises to alleviate the pain.

If your heel pain comes from damaged bone, skin, cartilage, or ligaments, you may need surgery to remove damaged tissue, shave excess bone, or repair viable tissue.

Many foot pain problems respond well to a blend of different therapy types, such as topical creams, injected steroids, and orthotics.

No matter what type of foot pain you’re dealing with, Great Lakes Foot and Ankle Institute is here to help you walk and even run pain-free again. Use online booking or call now to arrange a visit to the location closest to you.